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THCA 3.5g Whole Flower (BlockBerry)

THCA 3.5g Whole Flower (BlockBerry)

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Smooth sativa dominant hybrid. THCA doesn't have the same super strong head high as traditional THC. It is excellent for those that need a lighter high to combat anxiety and reduce stress. Limited availability flavor.

  • THCA
  • BlockBerry
  • Pesticide-Free
  • American Grown
  • 100% Federally Legal
  • Discreetly packaged
  • THCA – 22.2%
  • D9 – 0.153%

Effect: BlockBerry has been reported to provide a full-body relaxation experience. Many have said they feel euphoric with an uplifting, and relaxing high.

Unearth the power of pure botanical bliss with Happyface THCA Whole Flower. Meticulously cultivated and expertly harvested, this premium cannabis product encapsulates the unadulterated essence of tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) for a unique and invigorating experience.

Key Features:

    • Raw Elevation: Happyface THCA Whole Flower is your ticket to a raw, unaltered journey through the cannabis plant. Unleash the potential of THCA without the psychoactive effects commonly associated with THC, providing a natural and uplifting experience.
    • Sun-Kissed Quality: Grown under the radiant embrace of the sun, our whole flowers boast exceptional quality. Each bud is carefully selected to ensure potency, flavor, and aromatic richness, delivering a premium product that stands out in its purity.
    • Flexible Enjoyment: Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a curious novice, Happyface THCA Whole Flower offers versatile consumption. Embrace your creativity by infusing it into culinary creations or savor its raw essence in traditional smoking methods – the choice is yours.
    • Lab-Verified Purity: Happyface is committed to transparency and quality. Every batch undergoes rigorous third-party testing, affirming its purity, potency, and freedom from contaminants. Trust in a product that's as reliable as it is delightful.
    • Feel-Good Farming: Our cultivation practices prioritize sustainability, ensuring that Happyface THCA Whole Flower is as kind to the planet as it is to your well-being. Join us in cultivating a happy and harmonious relationship with nature.

    Embark on a journey of wellness and euphoria with Happyface THCA Whole Flower. Elevate your cannabis experience with a product that embodies the true spirit of the plant in its most raw and unbridled form.

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