3 Ways Cannabinoids Can IMMEDIATELY Help You Crush It In 2021

Dec 21, 2020Posted by: brian sorel

3 Ways Cannabinoids Can IMMEDIATELY Help You Crush It In 2021 | iCBD

Every human being agrees that 2020 has caused an unmatched level of anxiety and stress around the world. No matter who you talk to, you’ll be hard-pressed to connect with someone who hasn’t dealt with a unique challenge during this pandemic.

However, as scientists rush to approve a vaccine, this year has reminded us that we must rely on ourselves to try and maintain a high level of mental fortitude and creatively push through these challenging times. Fortunately, more and more research suggests that American consumers are turning to cannabinoids such as CBD, THC, CBN, and others to do exactly that.

As the myriad of health benefits become more widely studied and accepted within health circles, it’s no surprise that these natural substances are gaining record traction with new users who have sought a more holistic approach to their day-to-day routines in recent months. Let’s explore some of the primary benefits you should consider in the new year.

Alleviate Post-Workout Inflammation With CBD

Now that most local gyms have closed down, you’ve probably been forced to find creative ways to stay fit and burn calories. There are over 14,000 published medical and scientific studies on CBD, including 5 of which prove cannabinoids' efficacy for muscle recovery.

According to recent studies, CBD can inhibit inflammatory molecules, thereby shortening the time it takes you to recover and alleviating the tension deep in your muscle tissue. Here are some tips to consider as CBD makes its way into your New Year’s resolution:

  • Purchase a quality CBD product from a reputable brand. Seems obvious enough, but there are so many ineffective products on the market.
  • Verify what you’re buying by confirming the COA (certificate of analysis) and that the brand sources only premium CBD oil
  • Try and pair it with glutamine and a protein shake post-workout. I have noticed much faster recovery times doing this.
  • If you take any caffeine heavy pre-workout or coffee, try to add CBD at that time. CBD has the ability to minimize some of the side effects of caffeine intake and provide balance and stability that pairs well with the increased energy.

Stop Chronic Pain In Its Tracks With The Entourage Effect

Another important topic making the rounds through the pandemic is chronic pain. Consumers are spending more time than ever at home and it’s leading them to cannabis and CBD products as these substances have significant interactions with our body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). I’ve been shocked to see how many people nowadays have actually heard of this relatively recent discovery compared to 2 or 3 years ago when it felt only those visiting MJBizCon or talking effect-based marketing schemes were privy to it.

What is this system comprised of and what does it do? The ECS is a biological system containing two types of receptors, CB1 and CB2 throughout the body that are responsible for the regulation of a variety of neuronal activities. CB1 receptors have roles in pregnancy, hormone production, cardiovascular health, and digestion, whereas CB2 receptors are most often found on the cells of our immune system. They help moderate inflammation and our immune response to pathogens.

But according to a recent study published by one of the prominent medical journals in its field, Frontiers in Pharmacology, there are far more factors at play in generating a relief filled result from cannabinoid consumption. This includes a cannabinoid’s interaction with nuclear receptors, G protein-coupled receptors (GPCR) including the well known opioid and serotonin receptors, 5-HT, and more.

When acted upon with cannabinoids, all of these can contribute to the type of pain-relieving response you’re seeking in relation to a chronic ailment. So, even if you aren’t dealing with the intensity of chronic pain to the degree that others are, you may just be eager to start 2021 off with your best foot forward to which I highly recommend implementing cannabinoids into your daily routine.

Effectively Manage Pandemic-Fueled Anxieties With A CBD And/Or THC Routine

As we close out the year and count our blessings, there remains a handful of issues outside of our control that we are forced to deal with in our communities. Some of the most polarizing examples have been the great mask debate and proper quarantining protocols. Questions surrounding whether they work as intended can be tough to tell due to the CDC’s constant updates and the overwhelming amount of misinformation we are subjected to via social media and other outlets.

I’m still not quite sure how any of this ever became a political issue since it feels obvious that attempting to protect others around you is always the right move. Nonetheless, a simple trip to the grocery store or post office can now quickly become an anxiety-riddled event. Thankfully new evidence suggests cannabinoids, and predominantly cannabidiol, are showing promising signs of regulating fear and anxiety in consumers.

According to the World Health Organization, depression and anxiety rank 1st and 6th respectively on the list of greatest contributors to disability in the world; which has only been exacerbated by COVID-19. So, it comes as no surprise that Americans and others around the globe are becoming more engaged in elevating their own personal wellness through safe and reputable cannabinoid product lines like iCBD.

When is the best time to consume? I definitely recommend taking some form of CBD or micro-dosing a smooth THC (preferably sativa) product about 30 minutes prior to leaving the house to regulate your ECS. As someone who occasionally struggles with these new social anxieties, I’ve been ingesting the iCBD vegan gummies twice a day and scheduling my intake around whatever errands I have to run. The results have been excellent and made these interactions much less painless. So for those of you who would find value in that; I highly recommend creating your own regimen as we launch into Q1 of the new year!