How to Vape CBD: A Guide for Beginners

Jan 20, 2021Posted by: brian sorel

How to Vape CBD iCBD guide for beginners

Vaping CBD is a great way to safely take CBD! Many frequent users enjoy vaping CBD as their main method of using it. Whether it be a favoritism of smoking or the fast effects you get from it, many prioritize vaping CBD.

How to Find the Right CBD Vape for You

Finding the right CBD vape for you and your specific needs can be tricky. It is important to ensure you are purchasing a trustworthy product and investing in a CBD vape that hits your target needs. CBD vapes normally only contain CBD and help to produce effects such as anxiety relief, lack of stress, and tension release. iCBD’s vape pen devices are discrete and disposable making them convenient and easy to use. 

  1. The first step in learning how to vape CBD is picking the correct device. When considering buying a CBD vape there are many factors that go into it. One of the first things to decide on is how many milligrams you should be investing in in your CBD device. iCBD offers a 250 milligram CBD vape device which is a pretty standard amount for users. Some prefer to invest more and get a stronger vape due to long term use or the severity of their symptoms. Consult a professional to find out what dosage would be best for you!
  2. After inquiring about the correct dosage, you next have to pick a size and specific pen. Some CBD vapes are sold in cartridge form and require you to purchase a battery. Other products are disposable and are sold as an entire piece including the battery pen. iCBD’s vape pens are sold as an entire unit with an attached battery pack. The whole pen is disposable after use and designed to be made of high quality hemp oil.
  3. Once you have acquired your means of using your CBD pen, whether it be a disposable or a cartridge, you have to pick the size of a device. Some CBD vapes are sold in larger amounts than others. It is important to pick a size vape that matches your correct dosage. You want to ensure that the amount you are buying will last you enough time while at the same time not be over the amount prescribed. 
  4. Now, it's time for the fun part; picking a flavor! With endless flavors on various websites and in store products, it can be very challenging to find the right flavor for you. iCBD offers a mint and mango flavored CBD vape in 250 milligram formats. Many users while learning how to vape CBD experiment with different flavors until they find the ones they like best. Choosing your favorite flavor can be fun and enjoyable. 

When it is Best to Use CBD

After selecting your niche CBD vape device, it is important to know how to use a CBD vape device and when. Using CBD vape devices too much or in the wrong scenario can lead to poor experiences. Using CBD is best when in the correct environments! Here are some of the recommended times for you to begin using CBD:

  • Whenever it best fits into your routine! For many users who have a busy, work filled day, sometimes the CBD vape pen is best used at night. After getting off of a long day of work and returning home it can be very relaxing and comfortable to use a CBD vape pen. In the comfort of your own home, while destressing from a long day, is one of the best places to hit your CBD vape pen.
  • For others, especially those with chronic pain, it can be useful to bring the CBD vape with you throughout the day. After a gym workout or a long walk users with severe pain investing in CBD for pain relief might want to use their CBD vape throughout the day. One of the many perks of using CBD is the functionality of the product. Hitting your CBD vape in the middle of the day for pain treatment will still allow you to be fully functioning while feeling relief to the affected area.
  • High anxiety patients may also want to use their CBD vapes throughout their day. CBD vaping is very convenient as it allows the users to ingest CBD fast and mobily. To calm stress and decrease anxiety levels, it may be helpful for some users to hit their CBD vapes a few times a day, spaced out and in the correct dosage. 

How to Use CBD Vapes

Most CBD devices are decently easy to use and designed to help you take a good hit without overdoing it! For a disposable device without a button, you simply raise the device to your mouth and inhale. No button allows for a smooth, predictable hit that is easy to access. Some CBD vape devices do have a button to press. Many question how to correctly vape CBD with these as the specific pens might have different temperature modes. It is very important to check your device's manual instructions to ensure you have your pen set to the correct temperature mode.  

After ensuring your device is in the correct temperature mode if your pen has a button, it is important to find the correct balance of how long to hit it! While some devices will blink or vibrate to inform you that you have hit your correct dosage limit, many are a trial and error process until you find your correct amount. Start out with smaller hits and build up until you find the perfect time limit for yourself and needs.