11 Secrets About How to Take CBD Oil that Will Blow Your Mind

Jan 28, 2021Posted by: brian sorel

11 Secrets About How to Take Cbd Oil That Will Blow Your Mind | iCBD blog

You've probably heard about CBD oil for one of its numerous uses as pain, anxiety, stress, and injury relief. But once you started hearing about it, you might feel a little overwhelmed at all the options. If you're excited for the benefits but confused about how to take CBD oil, here are some of the tried and true methods to help you find what works for you.

1. Straight on Your Tongue 

The simplest, original way to take CBD oil is by putting it directly into your mouth under your tongue. While there is not anything to mask the flavor, this is the most basic way to indulge in CBD oil. For the best results for this method, put the correct dosage amount under your tongue and leave it there for about a minute. The capillary rich area underneath the tongue should absorb the CBD oil quickly for fast results.

2. In a Coffee

The flavor of CBD oil is not favorable to many who take it. Users often wonder how to take CBD oil while masking the flavor. Coffee is a great option! Putting the correct amount of CBD oil into a coffee and drinking it is a successful way to indulge in CBD oil while masking the flavor.

3. Bake it Into a Favorite Food

CBD oil can also be eaten in an edible form which many users prefer. This method of eating CBD rather than just putting the drops directly into your mouth can take a bit longer to feel. The body has to digest the food first in order to feel effects from the CBD oil. Many people like the slow steady feeling they receive, however, from this edible version. 

4. Infuse it in Your Favorite Drink

CBD can be infused into just about any drink. Whether it be a nice cold brew, a sweet lemonade, or an evening cocktail CBD is perfect in your go to drink. Masking the flavor and sipping on it slowly is a great way to enjoy CBD oil and relax from a long day!

5. Put it in a Capsule

Wondering how to take CBD oil like you would take a pill? Measure it out and put it in a capsule! Many websites online do sell CBD capsules that are pre measured out in proper dosages. If you have found the perfect CBD oil and do not want to change up, invest in capsules and swallow your CBD oil after measuring it out.

6. Rub it on Skin

While not all CBD oils are designed to go on the skin, there are plenty that you can buy that are great for topical use. This form of using CBD oil is perfect for sore muscles or joint pain. Arthritis patients tend to use a topical CBD oil for joint pain and have had success with this natural method. Double check your CBD oil is compatible with soaking into your skin before trying this method.

7. Get CBD Oil Edibles

Many CBD companies have made their own CBD oil edibles for customers who are wondering how to take CBD oil tastefully. iCBD makes a CBD gummy using all natural, non GMO, vegan ingredients. These gummies come in different delicious flavors and are not super unhealthy. This form of taking CBD is a great way to enjoy a tasty food while still indulging in CBD oil.

8. Use CBD Chapstick

Another smartly designed product that many are raving about is CBD chapstick. iCBD’s chapstick is made of all natural ingredients using all non GMO products. Mostly composed of natural oils this chapstick will make your lips feel great! CBD oil chapstick is just one of the many products you can find on the market.

9. Buy a Topical Relief Gel

Another great exterior product that several CBD users love is topical gel. Many wonder how to take CBD oil and target the areas they need to. CBD gels such as iCBD’s topical relief gel are a perfect way to treat sore muscles and other affected areas. Targeting the specific area using a gel is great for users who have joint pain as well.

10. CBD Energy Drinks

Another great way to take CBD oil is to buy CBD infused energy drinks, or make them yourselves! For users who take CBD to treat anxiety but want to stay alert and up this could be a great method. Some companies do sell CBD energy drinks but infusing your own is a great way as well! If you have a favorite energy drink and were wondering how to take CBD oil now is your time to try it out. Put the correct dosage amount into your drink and enjoy.

11. Vaping as a Method

Vaping CBD oil can be harmful if you are using the incorrect CBD oil. Using oral CBD oil that is designed to digest is not a good idea! Make sure that if you are buying CBD to vape you are buying a specific CBD vape and not just any CBD oil. Putting your own CBD oil into a vape can be dangerous to your body. CBD vapes are designed to be smoked and are a great way to indulge in CBD.