How Much CBD Oil Should I Vape?

Mar 02, 2021Posted by: brian sorel

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As CBD becomes increasingly popular, producers and creators are constantly finding ways to innovate their product. Whether it be in oils, gummies, pills, or any other method, CBD has obvious benefits but also has its limitations. One of the more prevalent ways to ingest CBD is via vaping which is the process of heating CBD e-liquid to a high temperature until it becomes an inhalable vapor. However, there is debate and science surrounding the long-term health consequences of vaping CBD or any other substance. Additionally, vaping allows for highly concentrated ingestion of CBD which can also have adverse effects such as drowsiness and overall lack of motivation. In this article we will be exploring the world of vaping CBD. Specifically, we will focus on a big question: how much CBD oil should I vape?

What is Vaping?

As was briefly explained, vaping is the process in which a device with a battery and a coil superheats liquid in a cartridge which causes the liquid to vaporize and become inhalable. Vaping has become increasingly controversial over the years especially as it relates to the use of electronic cigarettes with teens and young adults. Vaping has been shown to cause damage to the inner lining of the lungs and introduce chemicals, required in the vaporable liquid, to enter into the lungs and potentially cause harm (more information on this can be found via this link here).  Vaping has been shown in studies to have consequences that could create long term damage so it should be clear that, while vaping is an option for the ingestion of CBD, vaping CBD has its associated risks.

However, it should also be known that CBD is not the cause for concern in this matter. Typically, individuals that have had adverse effects from vaping CBD are the result of poor manufacturing or hidden chemicals and extenders that can be dangerous to humans. That being said, it is incredibly important that you source your products from a reputable company with the knowledge to provide you with the healthy product without any of the side effects.

The iCBD vape pen contains only two ingredients: broad spectrum CBD distillate and natural flavor. This means you are not at risk from diacetyl, a chemical often used to enhance flavor, or other hidden e-liquid chemicals. (More of these quality products can be found on here!) However, while there are still unknown health and safety risks around vaping, an especially important thing to note in this case is how much CBD oil should I vape. 

CBD and its Benefits

CBD has netted itself quite the reputation as a compound that can have extremely beneficial effects for certain individuals with certain conditions. CBD can be effective for conditions in children such as epilepsy. In fact, just recently, the FDA approved CBD oil for the treatment of epilepsy which is, so far, the only application that has been approved by the FDA.

However, epilepsy is not the only condition that has been improved by the use of CBD oil. In fact, a study by the US National Library of Medicine, revealed that with a group 188 children diagnosed with Autism, the use of CBD in those patients reduced major symptoms of Autism in as little as one month and continued to reduce symptoms more drastically over six months. Reported side effects included sleepiness and lack of appetite but no damaging side effects were recorded. Similar studies with anxiety were conducted and followed a similar level of success; reducing symptoms in as little as one month.

CBD has also been found to help with inflammation and muscle soreness. In some cases, it has helped with chronic pain related to inflammation of certain areas and has even been used by athletes for injury recovery. CBD can help with sleep disorders as well! Insomnia, anxiety, and other conditions that hinder quality sleep can be helped by the use of CBD. Even some cancer symptoms can be treated by CBD which simply give more credit to the awesome power of CBD!

How Much CBD Oil Should I Take: Dosage and Effects

It is clear that CBD has a myriad of health benefits, but it can also have some side effects if taken in improper amounts. Vaping CBD is one of the most direct and effective methods of ingestion because of its pathway into the lungs. The lungs can absorb 95% of the CBD in the vapor almost instantaneously, which from a biological perspective, is crazy! Vaping allows for the most direct pathway for CBD to get into the bloodstream and is why it is recommended by many. However, it is important to know that vaping CBD is a more immediate effect and not as long lasting as taking gummies or other edible methods that will produce a longer effect.

So, how much CBD oil should I take? When it comes to dosages, you should always consult a primary care doctor before taking CBD to see if it is the right fit for you and, if so, how much you should take. The one issue with vaping CBD is that it is difficult to know the exact amount you have ingested at one time. While the CBD vape carts have specific amounts of CBD in them, each hit cannot be estimated because of the various types of vaping batteries, smokers preference, and lung capacity. When it comes to vaping CBD, it is more of a ballpark guess than a specific number that would be found in oils and edibles.

CBD is a very quality product in moderation. It can assist with sleep disorders but, if taken in high dosages, can create a drowsiness that is unpleasant during the daytime. Dosages are entirely dependent upon the underlying condition, bodyweight of an individual, and sensitivity. There is certainly no one-size-fits-all answer to the dosage that any individual should take which is also why it is important to consult a medical professional. Generally speaking, CBD in higher doses will not hurt you significantly, but for optimal effects it should always be monitored. When it comes to vaping, it is generally easy to limit or increase the amount of CBD inhaled which also makes it a quality medium for ingestion.

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