CBD Vape: Benefits of Vaping CBD Revealed

Dec 17, 2020Posted by: Jay Boice

CBD Vape: Benefits of Vaping CBD Revealed | iCBD

CBD Overview

CBD is a powerful substance that has risen to popularity in recent years. Vaping is also an emerging trend in today’s society as a powerful healthy alternative to smoking. Naturally due to CBD’s properties it has become the perfect pair with vaping. CBD vapes have become one of the hottest new products in 2020.

Famous athletes like Rob Gronkowski have implemented CBD as a way to deal with the harsh environment of professional football. Whoopi Goldberg and countless other high-profile celebrities have sworn by CBD as the perfect way to bolster any everyday supplement routine. So what is CBD, and why has it become so popular?

Benefits of CBD 

CBD is a product derived from the cannabis plant with a vast range of useful medicinal purposes. Popularity has surged because there is seemingly no end to the benefits of CBD use. CBD can help seriously ill patients struggling with cancer and other degenerative diseases. CBD also has the ability to help people struggling with arthritis and other inflammatory conditions.

Not only does CBD help users with physical problems, there are numerous mental benefits to CBD use as well. People struggling with depression often can find relief with CBD use due to its ability to affect the brain’s receptors. People also find that anxiety can also be reduced through regular CBD use.

Vaping CBD before public speaking events can be highly effective in helping people stay calm during  high pressure moments. CBD has also become one of the go to medications with helping pets fight anxiety and inflammation diseases as well, proving how versatile CBD really is.

There are two main forms of extracting CBD from cannabis, tincture and oil. Tincture is usually done on a smaller scale and involves bonding CBD molecules to alcohol, then removing the alcohol through a boiling process. Deriving CBD into oil through C02 gases is one of the safest and most common ways to produce CBD oil. CBD Oil can then be converted into a substance that can be vaped by everyday consumers. Both definitely have their place and unique advantages. 

How Does Vaping Work?

Smoking cannabis and was once the only method of consuming CBD we were capable of. Thanks to recent technological advancements vaping products has become the new reality for many users of cannabis and tobacco. 

It may seem complicated but a CBD vape works through a simple and efficient process. The CBD oil is heated up inside a vaporizer, creating a vapor, which is then inhaled by the user giving them the desired effect.

How Can Vaping Help You?

Vaping  has been widely accepted as a healthier alternative to smoking physical cannabis or tobacco. Many people have struggled with addictions and tried patches, medication, and all sorts of things before vaping existed. Now that we have vapes, it is much easier to stop smoking.

Landmark studies performed by the United Kingdom Public Health administration show that vaping is actually 95% less harmful than traditional smoking methods, proving how this is both an effective tool for users looking to stop, and a healthier alternative for new users.

More than 38 million people in America currently smoke, meaning there is an extremely large base of users for CBD vapes to tap into. When you combine current users with people looking for a new way to treat various ailments such as depression, anxiety, nerve damage, and countless other issues, the CBD vape industry is bound to explode soon. 

CBD and Nicotine Comparison

Nicotine has long been the favorite, and of the only oils to vape. When most people hear “vape” they would automatically assume people are referring to vaping nicotine. While this may have been one of the only options for people looking to vape in the past, there has been a dramatic shift recently.

While vaping in general may be a healthier alternative to smoking traditionally, nicotine can still have harmful effects on the body. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance, and regardless of whether it is smoked or vaped, this statement holds true. This has led to many people looking for an alternative for guilt free vaping, and to avoid the addictive qualities of nicotine.

iCBD vaping uses the benefits of CBD vape for faster absorption

More and more people are health conscious and looking to get the most out of their body. iCBD and many other companies are producing premium, high quality CBD oil for those exact consumers. CBD has numerous health benefits, and many people are passionate about vaping and their health, creating the perfect marriage. CBD vapes by nature have anti-inflammatory properties which means many of the negative affects people experience from vaping nicotine are counteracted by CBD’s medicinal properties.

What Unique Attributes Does Vaping CBD Have?

Most of the time frequent CBD users rely on CBD for nausea, pain management/inflammation, and as a mood enhancer/anxiety treatment. If you have any experience with these three, you probably know their onset can be rapid. One second you may be perfectly fine and then your knee flares up. A stressful task comes up quickly at work that needs to be dealt with urgently. Something bothers your stomach and all the sudden you feel like the whole world is spinning.

CBD has a place for helping out in all three of these situations and many more. But with traditional methods of consumption (like CBD oil capsules) taking over an hour to metabolize most of the time, how is CBD going to help you when you need it most? 

That’s where vaping CBD comes in. Our bodies are able to process CBD much quicker through vaping due to the lung’s advantages in absorption over digestion. That means when that difficult task pops up at work, you can instantly be more relaxed and efficient with the help of a CBD vape.

iCBD has created a new product that is taking CBD vape to the next level, and will improve your daily life. Next time something unexpected is thrown your way by the universe, you have the power to take matters into your own hands thanks to CBD vapes. This new technology is truly revolutionizing both the CBD industry and vaping industry.