CBD Goes Dental with CBD Toothpaste

May 25, 2021Posted by: brian sorel

CBD Goes Dental with CBD Toothpaste | iCBD

With the ongoing evolution of the CBD industry, health-related CBD products are being created left and right. You’ve seen CBD Shampoo and oils, but have you seen CBD Toothpaste? This new trend is proven to both heal and prevent symptoms of different oral diseases.  

What is CBD Toothpaste?

CBD Toothpaste is essentially just toothpaste with CBD in it, but the effects of the CBD make it so much more than that. These toothpaste tend to have certain ingredients that are scientifically proven to help improve oral health including: 

  • Charcoal to help whiten teeth
  • Xylitol (a compound found in fruits and vegetables) to help prevent decay
  • Coconut oil has anti-bacterial properties to protect your teeth

 Aside from toothpaste, there are also several other oral CBD products on the market (including toothpicks and mouthwash) to compliment toothpaste.

What are the Benefits? 

Many of the original benefits of normal toothpaste are only heightened when you include CBD, and a few more are added as well. To start, there are already many well-known CBD health benefits that are present within the toothpaste, with anxiety and insomnia being just a few. Aside from that CBD also has several health benefits specific to oral care. 

CBD is both an antiseptic and an antibacterial agent, so it helps prevent bacterial growth and destroys bad bacteria in your mouth. Many people will attempt to use antibacterial solutions to get rid of the excess bacteria, but most of these solutions will strip both the bad and good bacteria from your mouth and your gut. When too many oral bacteria are removed, acids can start to form, which will throw off the pH balance in your mouth. By using all-natural CBD with your toothpaste, you can ensure that only the bad bacteria that causes decay is being removed.

CBD is also an analgesic that can help to relieve pain caused by an oral infection or disease, and it can also help relieve difficult-to-treat pains in a natural way. It is also a strong anti-inflammatory. The CBD in your toothpaste will interact with your body’s CB2 cannabinoid receptors, which can then help to heal swollen and bleeding gums. These are symptoms of oral diseases and prolonged use of CBD toothpaste can both help prevent diseases (if used before) and lessen some of the symptoms (if used after). 

CBD is also a bone stimulant that can help to prevent any variables that may cause decay in your teeth. As a stimulant, it helps to maintain your teeth’ bone levels in the case of oral disease and can help repair and strengthen your teeth to help with recovery. In relation to this, it can also help to decrease any swelling of the jaw during an oral disease.

It’s important to note that CBD toothpaste is not a cure for oral diseases! It can merely help decrease pain and assist with some symptoms to make you more comfortable. 

CBD Toothpaste Products

So now that you know all the great benefits of using toothpaste + CBD and want to try using it, where do you start? We’ve compiled a list of 3 different companies and 4 different kinds of toothpaste for you to try with benefits ranging from whitening to restore the pH balance in your mouth.

1. CBDent 

This 1000MG, peppermint flavored CBD toothpaste from CBDent will help to strengthen your enamel and help fight cavities. It also is an anti-plaque toothpaste and can help with whitening your teeth to get rid of pesky stains

2. Hello

This company has two different kinds of toothpaste to suit your needs. The first is a CBD Fluoride Free Toothpaste with Tea Tree Oil to remove stains, freshen your breath, and whiten teeth. They also have a CBD Fluoride Free Toothpaste with Activated Charcoal specifically formulated to whiten your teeth and remove any surface stains.

3. SprinJene

This 500mg CBD toothpaste is all-natural with Black Seed Oil and Zinc to help eliminate bacteria causing decay, restore your mouth’s pH balance, and leave a fresh taste in your mouth after use.

DIY CBD Toothpaste

While those are all great options for toothpaste, you may be looking to do a little DIY and create your own with iCBD’s CBD oil. This DIY Wiki page has 3 different recipes for you to experiment with! We suggest you use either of iCBD’s Don’t Be Sad iCBD Oil in either 400mg or 1000mg to make your toothpaste. 

For a toothpaste that can remineralize your teeth, decrease gum inflammation, and halt or reverse tooth decay the first recipe includes:

  • Bentonite clay
  • Water
  • Coconut oil
  • Magnesium powder
  • Baking soda
  • Trace minerals
  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil
  • Flavoring
  • Stevia 

For a toothpaste specifically to remove stains and whiten your teeth, try the second recipe which includes:

  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil
  • Baking soda
  • Sea salt
  • Xylitol
  • Cinnamon clove oil
  • Peppermint oil

If you have swollen or bleeding gums and are looking to both heal them and help with cavities, the third recipe includes:

  • Full Spectrum CBD oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Bentonite clay
  • Baking soda
  • Xylitol
  • Probiotic capsules
  • Cocoa powder
  • Vitamin E oil
  • Ginger
  • Cinnamon
  • Water 

The full instructions and measurements to make the toothpaste are on the wiki page here. Each of these recipes includes about 15-20 drops of CBD oil, the strength of which depends on which iCBD Don’t Be Sad CBD Oil you choose to include! Whatever CBD oil you buy, make sure to check out our Guide to Buying CBD Online to get the best products. Specifically for toothpaste, it is recommended to purchase a Full Spectrum CBD oil for the best results.