It Did What? 10 CBD Side Effects You Should Know

Jan 18, 2021Posted by: brian sorel

It Did What? 10 CBD Side Effects You Should Know

CBD is gaining momentum as a remedy for any number of mood and physical imbalances you might experience. From anxiety to muscle soreness, CBD oil can seem like a catch all for ailments. But like any remedy, you should be well informed about the ups and downs of a product before diving in. Keep up to date with these ten CBD side effects you should be aware of to stay healthy and safe.

10 CBD Side Effects You Should Know

1. Changes in Appetite

It is common that when using CBD your appetite may increase! Sometimes due to the anti-nausea properties that CBD has, other times from enduring less stress, it is common to see an increase in appetite while taking CBD. CBD does not necessarily make the user feel more hunger, just helps to cease feelings that stopped you from wanting to eat.

2. Dry Mouth

Many users of CBD have reported having a dryer mouth while using CBD products. Properties in CBD can cause a significant decrease in production of saliva, leaving the user's mouth feeling dry. This is a similar feeling to what is referred to as “cotton mouth” after using THC, however it is a much duller feeling and not as common or noticeable for many users. While this is a minor side effect it can cause a slight annoyance to some!

3. Dizziness

CBD can cause dizziness for some users. Not everyone's bodies react the same to different products put into it and for some people CBD does not digest right. Feeling light headed or dizzy, especially on a user's first time trying it, can be seen with some people. Drinking enough water and eating a good meal when using CBD is important in order to not feel dizzy. It's especially important to ensure you are taking the correct dosage to avoid feeling ill!

4. Changes in Mood

Some users have reported feeling mood changes when taking CBD. Whether it be from overusing it, taking the incorrect dosage, or mental state and condition of the user a CBD side effect can be mood changes. Most people do not endure mood changes while using CBD other than a calming feeling from the lack of anxiety. 

5. Getting Sick

While most users like using CBD for the anti-nausea properties, some do not digest it well and vomit. Vomiting can be a CBD side effect usually due to the body rejecting either the CBD gummy eaten or oil taken. Whether it something the user ate combining with it, sensitivity of the users bowels, or the incorrect dosage taken, some users have reported throwing up after taking CBD. 

6. Drowsiness

CBD can cause some users to feel tired or drowsy when using CBD oil products. While     not everyone may experience this side effect, some people tend to feel too overly   relaxed and calm which can create a sleepy feeling. CBD works with the body's muscle receptors which could also lead to users feeling drowsy. Many users report feeling calm but more alert and focused when using CBD frequently. However, some do feel drowsy from CBD use.

7. Low Blood Pressure

CBD side effects can include low blood pressure due to the decrease in the body's anxiety. CBD is used to relax the mind and body and decrease stress and anxiety which in turn lowers blood pressure. The body's blood vessels are much more relaxed in this calm state with less anxiety. For many users with high blood pressure, CBD can help to lower it!

8. Liver damage

For patients with liver disease, CBD is not the best option! CBD has been found to inhibit some of the liver enzymes used for processing medication. While it is not a common CBD side effect, it is still unknown for sure the effects CBD can have on the liver over time with overuse. For users with liver disease, consult with a doctor before using CBD.

9. Digestive Issues

Some users may experience digestive issues such as diarrhea when using CBD products. Everyone’s bodies process different ingredients differently and for some people CBD does not mix well! Oftentimes it is other ingredients in the CBD product being taken that will upset the stomach. Ensure you are taking good CBD products and the correct dosage to avoid irritation.

10. Bad interactions with other medication

Mixing CBD with other medications can sometimes lead to bad CBD side effects. Getting sick, liver damage, a bad mental state, or even seriously injuring your body can occur when mixing medication with CBD that should not be mixed. This goes for overusing alcohol and mixing CBD with it as well. If you are on other medications, consult your doctor before starting CBD products to ensure the medication dosages you are prescribed are safe to mix with CBD.