Everything About CBD Pens Your Teachers Wouldn’t Tell You

Sep 13, 2021Posted by: brian sorel

Everything About CBD Pens Your Teachers Wouldn’t Tell You | iCBD

CBD pens are discrete tools used to vaporize CBD oil. CBD pens allow the user to obtain small, trackable doses of CBD at any time in virtually any place. Including small doses of CBD into your life has been shown to have many health benefits including:

  • Anti inflammatory properties - From cancer, to arthritis to soreness after a workout, CBD has been shown to alleviate inflammation in the body and give the user a relaxed feeling without more complex medications.
  • Anti anxiety properties - CBD has been shown in various studies to be helpful in dealing with anxiety and depression. CBD affects the eCB system which is in charge of regulating many physiological functions, including caloric energy balance and immune function. The eCB system also helps regulate our emotional behavior, specifically with learning and reacting to stressful events. These studies have shown that too much CBD can be counter productive in reducing anxiety so vaping small amounts might be the best option for you. 

    Pens and Vapes

    The negative stigma surrounding vapes comes from nicotine vapes and juices. Typical nicotine juices contain propylene glycol (PG), polyethylene glycol (PEG) and flavoring in addition to the very addictive nicotine. These ingredients are added in order to make the vape flow smoother and more pleasant. However, research has shown that these ingredients can transform into harmful carcinogenic compounds when heated and inhaled.

    However, in CBD pens, there is no harmful, zero benefit, nicotine. Brands like iCBD are working hard to continually modify their formulas and procedures so that you are only getting the purest compounds in your vape and other CBD products.

    How it's made

    The main ingredient in CBD pens is CBD isolate that has been extracted from cannabis. CBD isolate is 99% CBD. Typically this CBD comes from hemp plants not high CBD cannabis plants because of cost. After processing the raw hemp, you are left with a fine, slightly sticky white powder that is CBD isolate. This substance can be simply dissolved in the mouth, mixed into drinks or even be a main ingredient in your iCBD chapstick.

    Here are the main steps in creating CBD isolate:

    1. Extraction - First using a solvent, typically ethanol, the CBD (and other compounds) are extracted from the plant. In this step the solvent binds with the CBD and then using a centrifuge it is separated out.
    2. Winterization - This step removes the fats, waxes and chlorophyll from the remaining extract. This step is called winterization because it uses cold temperatures to separate the substance. This looks much like soup left in the fridge where the fat has floated to the top and solidified.
    3. Filtration - The separated mixture of fats and eventual end product called “miscella” is then run through a filter press with the help of a vacuum. 
    4. Decarboxylation - Removing the CO2 from your cannabinoids is a crucial step in making your final CBD isolate. This step uses heat and changes the acidic cannabinoid (CBDa) to its neutral form (CBD).
    5. Distillation - The mix is then heated again until it becomes a vapor and then is run along a cool coil where it returns to a liquid state, this liquid is then collected. This step ensures that you are getting the purest CBD isolate for your CBD pen, gummy, balm etc.
    6. Crystallization - After the distillation phase we are left with the cleanest form of CBD oil, This mixture is continually mixed as it is heated. Eventually, the temperature is reduced, and the stirring rate is slowed. The stirring rate is dramatically increased once the mixture has cooled and nucleation (the first stages of crystallization) has begun, causing the crystals to separate from the solution. To eliminate any residual undesirable contaminants, the crystals are washed with pentane or similar chemical solvent, and you are finally left with pure CBD isolate. 

    Once you have CBD isolate, you can mix it with other ingredients to create basically any CBD product on the market. When it comes to vaping CBD and CBD pens, it is a good idea to actively monitor your use and intake. As mentioned above, CBD has positive health effects, but this has only been tested for certain amounts of CBD. Because CBD products are fairly new to the market, an “ideal” dose does not really exist. Finding the dose that is right for you involves trial and error. When you make any changes to your lifestyle, diet or routine, start small. When it comes to vaping CBD this might mean starting with about 10mg per day meaning that a typical CBD vape should last you about 3-4 weeks. The “danger” with most vapes is that it is very easy to get way more than that dosage per day. However, thus far there is no research that shows vaping “too much” CBD causing negative effects. 

    Written by Kiana St. Onge