What CBD Oil Strength is Right for Me?

Aug 20, 2021Posted by: brian sorel

What CBD Oil Strength is Right for Me? | iCBD

When starting on your CBD journey towards a better and healthier you, it’s important to do research before starting as some products may contain more than others or vice versa. A great place to start is iCBD’S dosage calculator which dives into the specifics of the dosage amounts and how much is suitable for different weight categories, etc. But CBD oil strength also plays into the dosage amount. Obviously the best way to determine the right dosage is to consult with a medical professional, but this blog will give you a place to start.

Finding the right CBD oil strength

Another promising component of CBD oil strength is that depending on the type of product you choose to use, you may be able to use it for a variety of different types of pains you may be having. That’s one of the best side effects in choosing to go down the path of CBD because the benefits are just outstanding, while over the counter medicine may do more harm than good to your body, in terms of liver, stomach, etc.

Throughout the years of CBD, the oil strength industry has grown in large numbers. The most promising of the bunch being edibles, which consumers can just eat on the go or at home before meals. Between oils, creams, and vaporizers, there are a ton of options to figure out the best method for those who wish to try the opportunities. 

When trying the different alternatives, you’ll notice that some may kick in faster than others, so depending on your pain level, it may be important to choose one that responds to the body quickly and efficiently. In this instance, oils would get into the bloodstream quicker (but make sure they are for internal usage!) It’s important to determine the best products for you.

And another important thing to remember is to always make sure you are fully stocked with your necessities before you travel, as areas around the world begin to re open. 

The best CBD product

Another amazing resource is the “What is CBD?” page. This is determined by a variety of different factors such as explaining that there are no risks involved in trying CBD, and that iCBD stands by their products with ensuring consumers that these are high-quality items that have been tested and verified to ensure accuracy in them. While the page also speaks about the different types of products you can try, there is something for everyone and you should feel confident in what you are putting into your body.

To determine what type of product would be best for your journey into CBD oil strength, there are tons of resources available for you to figure out the best method for you. One of my personal favorite links to ensure I’m using the right medicine would be “What Does CBD oil treat for my body? " which explores more of the specifics on what your main target areas are, which would be the best for you at that time, and how to access it on the website. Because of iCBD, I know now just how important it is to make sure I’m not only taking care of myself mentally, but also physically.

An important part of knowing what goes into your body in terms of CBD is to remember that the FDA does not currently regulate the products and that you need to make sure the places you are buying from are safe and reputable before proceeding with shopping.

Guide to buying CBD online: What to look for  speaks more on the different types of CBD there is, such as CBD isolate, broad-spectrum CBD, and full-spectrum CBD. The major difference between the group of these products is that CBD isolate contains only CBD from the cannabis plant and that some research shows that these contain other compounds that may be “the entourage impact”.

As always, it’s important to identify what the needs are before signing up for any sort of treatment plan. Consultations with your doctor or a trusted medical professional would be the best stop moving forward.


In conclusion, It is important to know all of the different types of CBD products you can try. While everyone is different and has different preferences, this blog and the many others on the iCBD website are here as a resource to help you make the most accurate decision about the future of your health, and your well-being as an individual. With all the facts and resources you now have at your fingertips, it’s never been a better time to get involved in the future of your health.

Whether that be gummies, oils, creams, or vaporizers, there is something for everyone. Through trial and error, you may be able to find the product that works best for you, and you will be able to make the right decision for you regarding your health. 

Written by Genesis Sanchez