10 Most Common CBD Oil Effects

Dec 23, 2020Posted by: brian sorel

10 Most Common CBD Oil Effects CBD dropper iCBD | iCBD

Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, has become a popular natural remedy due to its calming effects, without the mind-altering response that comes from marijuana. CBD oil, which is made by extracting CBD from the cannabis plant and then diluting it with a carrier oil like hemp seed, is continuously gaining a positive reputation in the health and wellness industry through topical oils, lotions, gummies, and more.

As an appealing option for those looking for pain relief or for assistance sleeping, CBD has grown mainstream as consumers have begun to stray away from pharmaceutical drugs for a more natural choice. With more scientific studies confirming its beneficial properties for various ailments and issues, check out the ten most common CBD oil effects reported by scientists, brands, and consumers.

1. CBD Oil Relieves Pain

CBD oil gets the most mainstream attention because of the mass amounts of reports from consumers that it helps reduce their pain. Medical marijuana has been used to treat pain for centuries, but more recently, scientists have discovered components of marijuana, including CBD, are responsible for pain relief.

Helping relieve both physical and neuropathic pain, CBD oil is also praised for reducing pain symptoms associated with inflammatory diseases. Studies have shown that CBD may reduce chronic pain by reducing inflammation and interacting with neurotransmitters in your nervous system.  

2. CBD Oil Reduces Anxiety

Known to have a calming effect that can control mood fluctuations, several medical studies have found that CBD can reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. Both mental health disorders are usually treated with pharmaceutical drugs that can cause several negative side effects such as insomnia, headache, agitation, and more.

For those wanting to go a more natural approach, CBD oil has also been shown to reduce the anxiety that is associated with public speaking. CBD oil has even been used to treat insomnia and anxiety in children with post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. These results are linked to CBD’s ability to act on the brain’s receptors for serotonin, which regulates mood and social behavior.

3. CBD Oil Improves Sleep

If you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, CBD oil can help! Especially if your insomnia is linked to anxiety and racing thoughts, CBD oil can reduce those symptoms and stop you from staying awake by promoting deeper sleep. Containing no melatonin, CBD oil blends can also boost rejuvenation, which helps users wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on their day.

4. CBD Oil Relieves Negative Health-Related Symptoms

Results show that CBD may be responsible for reducing symptoms relating to cancer and the side effects of cancer treatment. Studies looking at the effects of CBD and THC showed that those treated with both oils experienced a significant reduction in pain, nausea, and vomiting as opposed to those who were only treated with THC.

CBD oil is a helpful remedy for those who are seeking alternatives to medication that is ineffective or may cause negative side effects on top of their already existing health issues. In a 2019 article by Future Oncology, scientists suggested that CBD may also prevent other side effects including loss of appetite and organ toxicity that can result from chemotherapy. 

5. CBD Oil Prevents Acne

Acne can be caused by the excessive amounts of sebum, or natural oil, produced by the skin. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD oil can help lower the productions of sebum in the skin, and as a result, visible acne will clear up fast. CBD-infused beauty products can improve your skin’s appearance while soothing irritated skin, hydrating dry skin, and reducing redness. CBD also has anti-aging and antibacterial properties, which is perfect for cleansing your skin while maintaining its healthy, youthful look.

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6. CBD Oil Reduces Stress

Due to its calming effects, consumers use CBD oil for support against everyday stressors and stressful situations. Several studies have indicated that CBD can reduce anxiety in stressful situations. Another from 2018 suggested that CBD can lower your overall stress levels over time. By promoting calm and focus, CBD oil can further relax your muscles and provide a new sense of mental clarity that can help you navigate anxiety brought on by stress.

7. CBD Oil Promotes Focus

In various studies, CBD has shown signs in promoting focus and even helping patients with ADHD that struggle with concentration due to its calming effects. Considered a safer alternative to Ritalin and Adderall, CBD oil is excellent for both work and school focus. Proven to increase brain cell production in multiple regions of the brain, CBD oil not only promotes brain function, but it can enhance response time and reflexes while improving mental clarity. 

8. CBD Oil Helps with Exercise Recovery

As it helps with chronic pain, CBD brands have begun creating infused drinks and creams to soothe sore muscles and tension. Used before, after, or during physical activity, CBD oil can be applied to the joints and muscles to relieve discomfort from muscle strains. CBD oil mixed with menthol can also provide a cooling, relaxing effect for the muscles.

9. CBD Oil Reduces High Blood Pressure

Studies have shown that if patients with high blood pressure take one dose of CBD oil each day, they will find themselves with lower blood pressure and fewer chances of developing heart disease. CBD oil has anti-anxiety and analgesic effects, which helps to relax blood vessels and the vascular walls of the circulatory system. This allows for a reduction in blood pressure that could combat the effects of high blood pressure in the long-term if CBD oil is integrated into your everyday diet. 

10. CBD Oil Reduces Neuroinflammation

CBD can prevent diabetes by halting insulitis, a significant cause of Type I Diabetes, but it also prevents neuroinflammation as it relates to diabetes by shielding your brain’s neurons. However, there are other diseases that CBD can help you avoid when it comes to the effects of neuroinflammation. For example, neuroinflammation is a significant contributor to the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. On the same token, CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties can also fight brain inflammation that results in Alzheimer’s disease. 

No matter what the effect may be, CBD oil is an extremely helpful natural option for those struggling with any of the issues mentioned above. Whether it comes in a gummy, tincture, balm, cream, spray, or capsule, there is a way for all consumers to enjoy the beneficial effects of CBD – even if it’s your pet! If you’re looking for more ways that CBD oil can help you, take a look at the table below for more benefits that didn’t make this list.

Neuroprotective Properties


Improving Heart Health

Helps Digestion

Substance Abuse Treatment

Combats Symptoms of IBS