CBD Oil: An Effective Medicinal Alternative

Dec 15, 2020Posted by: Jay Boice

CBD Oil: An Effective Medicinal Alternative | iCBD

Nowadays It can seem impossible to walk down an aisle of your local drug store without seeing some sort of CBD related product. So why have CBD products dominated the health market in recent times?

After the rapid move towards legalization both recreationally and medicinally, societal views towards cannabis has changed in recent years. Since the introduction of the hemp plant, alternative treatments to anxiety and pain management have risen many of which  society has contributed to marijuana/THC.

However, a completely non-psychoactive substance known as Cannabidiol has become one of the quickest growing supplements, particularly among Millennials. And while THC and CBD may be confused by many as a recreational drug, CBD in particular has extremely valuable medical benefits, with little to no side effects or risk of abuse.

CBD has quickly integrated itself into a wide range of user’s daily routine. Below, we will be breaking down everything you need to know about CBD– from its interesting history, to its current usage!

CBD History

In the United States, cannabis products previously had a bad public image due to a strict prohibition. Old records show medical issues such as gout, malaria, arthritis, and others were actually treated with cannabis tea in 2737 BC China. CBD being isolated is a recent development, a man by the name of William O’Shaughnessy is to thank for this.

O’Shaughnessy  is attributed for laying the ground work in the mid 1800s that current researchers have used to discover cannabinoids. Since then research on CBD and its benefits has exploded. What’s in the future for CBD? Check out how CBD is disrupting the market today.

CBD Today

Today the CBD market has been estimated to grow to 20 billion dollars by 2024. Clearly the industry has come a long way, leaving plenty of room for CBD oil disrupters to penetrate the market. 

Many famous athletes and celebrities now use CBD to help promote a healthy lifestyle such as Drake, Kristen Bell and Rob Gronkowski among countless others. Joe Rogan frequently cites CBD as  one of his key supplements for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As someone who invests heavily in human optimization companies such as Onnit, it says a lot that CBD oil is usually one of the staples in his routine. 

Countless media outlets have produced articles detailing the benefits and their recommendations for CBD use such as Forbes, CNN, and ABC. Recent laws have allowed CBD producers to grow hemp at a rate never seen before in the United States. 

With recent laws being enacted, hemp production has increased dramatically, driving CBD oil availability and consumption to never before seen levels. The future is bright for CBD companies and millions of consumers who will continue to benefit from the rise of CBD. 

Types of CBD 

One of the most important distinctions when deciding between which CBD product is right for you is whether you want CBD oil, or CBD tincture. CBD oil is typically the preferred consumption method, and is commercially extracted through a process using CO2 and a carrier oil. The carrier oil allows humans to process the CBD oil correctly and benefit most from the consumption of CBD. Typically the carrier oils are coconut or hemp based from natural sources. 

Another type of CBD product is known as CBD tincture and varies from CBD oil in a variety of ways. CBD tincture is often created through a process involving alcohol and water. After the CBD molecules from the hemp plant bond to the alcohol, the alcohol is then removed through heat, creating the tincture.  


CBD Tincture

Extracted using CO2

Extracted using liquid solvent

How to Use CBD Effectively 

CBD oil can be consumed in a variety of ways. One of the simplest and most effective methods is to take a capsule filled with CBD oil. This option does lead to the benefits being slower to set in, so if relief is needed rapidly it may not be most effective means of consuming CBD. A faster acting method that many users enjoy is putting CBD under their tongue. This method allows people to customize the amount of CBD to their individual needs.

Vaporizers are often used similar to electronic cigarettes in order to consume  CBD oil as well. This can be an effective means for users to deal with their stress through vaping CBD. There are countless methods of consuming CBD, these 3 are some of the most popular and effective consumption methods.

CBD Oil Benefits and Effects

The methods used to create CBD oil can create a very beneficial concentrate which allows users to reap the most benefits from the supplement.  

Many people often use CBD oil due to the calming nature of the supplement. Nearly everyone has a moment in their everyday life where it would be nice to have CBD oil. The stress relieving abilities of CBD can help out anyone from the everyday user, to terminally ill patients.

Anxiety is a growing issue many people face as societal pressures increase. Nearly 60% of CBD users report using the oil to help with anxiety. As more people face anxiety daily, expect to see CBD use increase as a legitimate relief option. 

Recent research has found CBD oil can benefit people struggling with depression. Due to the way CBD affects receptors in the brain, symptoms of depression can be minimized in certain users. Numerous studies have found that CBD oil can not only help people struggling with depression and anxiety but other mental health problems as well. 

Many athletes and everyday users turn to CBD as an effective way to manage pain, both long term and short term. Rob Gronkowski recently invested heavily in CBD products, and rages about the benefits he gets from its use as a professional football player and wrestler. Prescription opiates have led to a new epidemic in America because of the high abuse potential and lack of long-term viability of these pain management solutions.

A new product like CBD oil  is needed to help people in the new age deal with pain in a healthy and effective manner. With the long-term draw backs of conventional pain management medications, CBD oil can really help a lot of users due to its natural pain relief properties.

With so many benefits of CBD use for humans, it only makes sense that pets can benefit from CBD oil use as well. As pet owners we want to give our pets the best care possible, recently this may include regular CBD doses. Many dogs struggle with separation anxiety causing issues around the house, mental distress. Many pet owners have noticed their dogs are much calmer being left alone after giving them CBD oil.

The AKC spoke to several doctors who discussed cardiovascular and mental benefits of CBD use in both cats and dogs. Pets struggling with serious issues such as epilepsy may benefit from CBD use as well. Just like humans, CBD oil can medically help your pet deal with serious, and minor issues. 

Quick CBD Breakdown 

  • The CBD industry is expected to expand to $20 billion dollars by 2024
  • CBD use has increased exponentially 
  • CBD oil is the preferred consumption method for many users
  • CBD oil can medicinally help both humans and pets
  • CBD benefits those afflicted with depression, anxiety, epilepsy, among many other conditions