Best Practices: How to Use CBD for Anxiety

Dec 10, 2020Posted by: brian sorel

Best Practices: How to Use CBD for Anxiety iCBD Scotty Sire

Best known for its calming and relaxing effects, CBD, otherwise known as cannabidiol, has become a perfect natural option for consumers suffering from anxiety. CBD, a type of cannabinoid, can be found in cannabis plants but lacks the mind-altering effects of marijuana. Instead, CBD can be used to reduce feelings of anxiety and depression, relieve pain, promote sleep, improve focus, and more.

With the wellness benefits of CBD, more and more people have begun to turn to various CBD-infused products as a treatment to help alleviate their stress and everyday feelings of panic. Especially with Millennials and Generation Z, the rate of consumption for CBD is growing rapidly, and the industry is expected to reach $2 billion in 2021. If you’re looking for a new product to turn to for help, here’s why you should consider CBD:

Why Use CBD for Anxiety?

According to Healthline, CBD is believed to interact with your body’s receptors that can mostly be found in your central and peripheral nervous systems. When they do interact, CBD can alter your brain’s serotonin levels. Serotonin, a neurotransmitter, plays an important role in your mental health, as those with low serotonin levels are most likely to experience depression and anxiety.

Conventionally, low serotonin levels are treated with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, or SSRIs, that are only available to those with a prescription. However, like any pharmaceutical medication, SSRIs can be associated with negative side effects such as agitation, headaches, and withdrawals. Also, quick-acting anti-anxiety medication, such as Xanax or Valium, offers instant relief, but can easily become addictive. For those with low serotonin levels that want to avoid side effects or don’t have the means to receive a prescription, CBD is a beneficial natural remedy to look into.

What are the Results of Using CBD?

For generalized anxiety disorder, the National Institute on Drug Abuse states that CBD has been shown to reduce stress and result in lower behavioral signs of anxiety. Subsequently, their physiological symptoms of anxiety, such as increased heart rate, also improved.

Those with anxiety-induced insomnia, social anxiety disorder, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can also benefit from the positive effects of CBD. Multiple studies have included participants that experienced overall reduced anxiety levels due to CBD; for example, CBD users with PTSD reported having fewer nightmares and less intrusive negative memories or thoughts.

Dosing Tips

Before we get into the various CBD products out there, it’s important to note how to find the right dose for your body. The basic factors you should consider when deciding on your dose to combat your anxiety are:

  • The severity of your anxiety
  • Concentration of CBD
  • Metabolism
  • Bodyweight

The concentration of CBD varies between various products but is usually expressed in milligrams (mg). Your first step after choosing a product is to know the potency of the product. Then, you should analyze how your body would respond to CBD by judging your metabolism speed. If you metabolize medicine faster than others, it can be beneficial to choose a higher dose of CBD to take. After taking your body chemistry into account, you can use a dosage calculator online to help you settle on the perfect dose if you decide to not consult an expert on CBD.

Finding the Right CBD Product

If you’re eager to try CBD as a tool to help manage your anxiety, finding the right method of consumption that best suits your needs is important. Check out the most common forms of CBD below to help you determine what can work for you:

1. CBD Tinctures

    Unlike CBD oil, CBD tinctures contain CBD in an alcohol base. Tinctures are taken using a dropper, allowing you to easily measure and manage your intake. Since it’s taken orally, the CBD in tinctures rapidly enters your bloodstream and can kick in as quickly as ten minutes.

    2. CBD Oils

      As another quick, easy, and accurate way to take CBD, oils are another viable option. CBD oils contain CBD extracts that are infused into a carrier oil, such as coconut or hemp seed oil. Like tinctures, CBD oil can be used with a dropper and rapidly enters your bloodstream for fast and long-lasting effects.

      3. CBD Gummies

        As one of the more delicious options to consume CBD, gummies can come in every shape, size, and flavor under the sun. However, unlike oils or tinctures, gummies will take an hour or more to produce an effect.

        4. CBD Balms/Gels

          CBD can often come in the form of thick, soothing balms, gels, and lip balms that can be applied topically. Balms usually come in smaller packages, making them more affordable and portable. Ideal for smaller areas on your body, balms are fantastic options if you’re constantly on-the-go. When it comes to gels, they can often come with a cooling effect that’s helpful for users with muscle or joint pain.


          5. CBD Lotions/Creams/Ointments

            Like balms, creams, lotions, and ointments are also soothing, topical options for CBD use. Used on the skin, these creams can produce the effects of CBD while also hydrating, moisturizing, revitalizing, restoring, and rejuvenating your skin. Used mostly for larger areas of the body, creams and lotions are great for those also looking to take care of their sensitive skin.

            6. CBD Pills/Capsules/Soft gels

              If you’re looking for an option that’s easy to use, pills, capsules, and soft gels are efficient and can provide more consistent dosing than oils, as each dose is pre-measured for you. However, unlike CBD oils, capsules, pills, and soft gels are subject to additional breakdown in your digestive tract, which may decrease the potency.

              7. CBD-Infused Drinks/Mix Packets

                Depending on if you choose coffee, wine, tea, soda, or sparkling water, CBD can be infused with all of the above. Besides gummies, this is one of the most satisfying ways to enjoy your CBD. Like gummies, the flavor options are endless and come with boosted effects. For example, CBD-infused cold brew can help you feel calm and energized at the same time. If you’re not ready to enjoy a pre-made drink, you can also purchase CBD-infused dry mix packets to put into your drink yourself.

                8. CBD Patches

                  CBD patches, like gels, can offer soothing and cooling effects for the utmost benefits for your body. With patches, the application is simple, discreet, and mess-free. These patches are typically flexible, comfortable to wear, and can last up to a full 8 hours, making them easy to put on under your clothing to experience effects for most of your day.

                  9. CBD Roll-Ons/Sprays/Sticks

                    If you’ve heard of roll-on perfume or roll-on essential oils, CBD roll-ons come in the same packaging, Similar to balms, roll-ons, sprays, and sticks are perfect for users who are always on-the-go and need a product they can take anywhere and everywhere. Not only are they easy to use, but they also usually come in various blends with other beneficial ingredients, like lavender or chamomile. Sprays are also great for covering larger areas of the body – especially if you can’t reach certain areas with a lotion or cream. As for sticks, they’re great for producing the same effects without the mess of traditional creams.

                    10. CBD Vapes

                      More recently, several health and wellness brands have begun to produce CBD vapes. With a pen that vaporizes the oil, CBD can quickly enter your body, but it’s imperative to find a CBD cartridge that has been produced with caution. In other words, make sure the vape you choose is regulated to avoid any products tainted with harmful ingredients.

                      The Takeaway

                      According to the World Health Organization, one in 13 people globally live with an anxiety disorder, making the search for a safe method for managing symptoms a primary concern. As a natural remedy, CBD can help you fight against your anxiety issues without adverse effects on your body and mind. By sticking to an appropriate dose and a product that works for you, CBD can be greatly beneficial and effective in reducing symptoms of anxiety in the long term.