CBD Dosage Calculator: Know the Right Amount to Take

Jun 29, 2021Posted by: brian sorel

CBD Dosage Calculator: Know the Right Amount to Take | iCBD

Almost everyone in today’s world has either heard of CBD, tried CBD, or knows someone taking CBD. Its high popularity goes to show its true impact and effects on a multitude of different conditions both physically and mentally. But the wide variety of benefits comes with a range of doses. You need a CBD dosage calculator to keep track and keep safe. CBD can aid with mental conditions such as:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

It can also help with treating physical issues like:

  • Nausea
  • Seizures
  • Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Pain and inflammation

CBD clearly can help with a lot of ranging symptoms and conditions within the body, but here's the issue people are facing. Many people who begin taking CBD have no clue how much to initially start taking and how and when to up their dose. This is causing people to not see the proper benefits and give up on taking it when in reality it could just be that they are not taking the correct amount for their body. It is best to do research and determine CBD amount based on a CBD dosage calculator. 

Factors such as age, body weight, product type, and ailment need to be considered to determine the proper amount for one's body. These aspects are all crucial in deciding how much CBD to start with, when to start raising the dosage, and how much to raise it too. 

If one is prescribed CBD from a medical professional, called Epidiolex, the suggestion for dosage is 2.5 milligrams per kilogram of body weight twice a day. Then, after one week of doing 5 mg a day, people may increase the dosage to 5 mg/kg twice daily, totaling 10 mg/kg per day. This is the most typical prescription and comes in the form of a CBD oil that can be taken orally. 

If one is not receiving CBD as a prescription from their doctor, it may be harder to determine how much to take. No matter what factor one is basing dosage on, the reason for ailment should always be a part of the equation. Let’s go over the ways CBD dosage can be determined within the body. 

The first way CBD dosage amount can be assessed is by weight and condition intensity. Below is a CBD dosage calculator reflecting CBD dosage based on weight. 




31-60 lbs.


61-100 lbs.


100-175 lbs. 


175-250+ lbs. 


2-4 mg

4-6 mg

6-8 mg

8-10+ mg


8-12 mg

12-18 mg

18-24 mg

22-30+ mg


18-30 mg

24-40 mg

32-60 mg

42-60 mg


Now that one has assessed their intake based on condition and body type, it is important to explore dosage based on the type of CBD product being used. The different types of CBD are: 

Oils and tinctures are typically taken orally directly in the mouth through a dropper, but also can be added to drinks or foods if preferred.  

Creams and lotions are most commonly used topically to rub onto muscles or an inflamed area on the body. This is for external use only and can aid in treating pain and inflammatory issues. 

Edible CBD can come in forms such as gummies, teas, chocolate, and more. This is an easier way to get in your daily dose of CBD because of the yummy pairing of the food. This is a very popular way to take CBD and is becoming more popular as more types of edibles are made. 

Getting CBD through a vape is a newly added product to the CBD market. This is an easy way to ingest CBD through inhalation if one prefers to vape or smoke. Additionally, one can buy these vapes in different flavors and strains. 

For more information on ingesting CBD through a vaporizer, read here. 

Through the different ways to use and take CBD, it becomes harder to determine the dosage amount even if body weight and condition are considered. Below is a CBD dosage calculator cheat sheet assessing dosage amount based on the type of CBD product being used. 



Start With: 

Increase When:

Oil or Tincture

Inner pain; mental conditions

Between 1-6 milligrams of CBD per 10 pounds of body weight.

Start with taking 1 serving daily. Hold the full dropper amount under the tongue for 60 seconds and then swallow any remaining residual oil.

After 5-7 days if desired effects are not reached. Up the dropper amount to 2-3 per day under the tongue. 


External Pain; inflammatory issues

CBD does not pass through skin easily, so it's best to use a potent product.

Apply directly onto the pain source 1-3 times a day. Massage until absorbed into the skin.

More cream can be rubbed onto the source if pain is still felt throughout the day. 

If one is applying CBD lotion quite frequently daily without desired effects, it may be best to attempt other forms of CBD.


Internal pain; mental conditions; aversion to CBD taste in oil 

Use strain of a 5mg or 10mg product. Take 1 edible/gummy twice a day (one morning, one afternoon/evening)

After 5 days, if the desired effect is not felt, up dosage to 1 gummy 3 times a day.  


Internal pain; quick relief for issues such as insomnia, stress, and anxiety 

Vaporizer is hard to assess because of various types of vaping batteries, smokers preference, and lung capacity.

Consider the body weight chart above and begin with a small inhalation and potency amount for one week. 

After testing effects for one week, one can use their CBD vape more or less depending on impacts. 

It would be beneficial to journal or note the felt effects during the first week or so of taking a CBD product. This way the individual can assess any changes in mood, pain level, or reason for ailment. This can be done with a CBD dosing worksheet, on one's device, or with pen and paper. 

When it comes to dosages, it is always important to first consult a primary care doctor before taking CBD to see if it is the right fit for you and, if so, how much you should take. Additional research should be done if one chooses to begin taking CBD to determine which type is best for them and how much to take. These CBD dosage calculators above are a great place to begin your research on CBD intake.