8 Best CBD Coffee Products & Recipes for Your Cup of Joe

Mar 30, 2021Posted by: brian sorel

8 Best CBD Coffee Products & Recipes for Your Cup of Joe | iCBD blog

Waking up early can be tough. Many people need an energy boost whether it be coffee or an energy drink. Though these can be great to get you going they are often accompanied by an unwanted jittery/anxious feeling, which is why CBD coffee is starting to become so popular. If you're new to CBD check out this article which has all the ins and outs of CBD. CBD has been proven to decrease anxiety, reduce seizures, and reduce inflammation. So if you're a coffee lover this combo could be life-changing for you. Keep reading to check out 8 of the best CBD coffee products & recipes to get you started!

1. Minty CBD Iced Coffee Cooler

minty cbd iced coffee cooler

This refreshing iced CBD drink is the perfect way to kickstart your morning on a good note without the jittery feeling some get from drinking coffee. With only 6 ingredients you simply can not go wrong! All you need is a cup of your favorite coffee, milk/creamer of choice, 1 tsp unsweetened cocoa powder, 1 tbsp honey, mint extract, and any CBD oil - although Don't Be Sad CBD oil is my holy grail.

2. CBD Bulletproof Coffee

CBD bulletproof coffee

For those of us doing keto or just upping our fat and protein intake this coffee is the way to go! The only difference between this and the all to famous bulletproof coffee is adding your desired amount of CBD oil, so not only will your body be burning fat it will also be saying “No way Jose!!” to that anxious feeling caffeine can give.

3. CBD Peppermint Chocolate Espresso

CBD peppermint chocolate espresso

Who does love a cozy peppermint chocolate drink? This recipe is sure to warm your heart in more ways than one. Start by making a classic espresso, add drinking chocolate, milk/creamer of choice, any kind of sweetener if needed, and finally the secret ingredient a peppermint flavored CBD oil. This recipe uses Lord Jones CBD infused tincture in peppermint. No worries if you don't have a flavored CBD oil, you could always use yours then add peppermint extract to make this drink complete.

4. CBD Chlorophyll Latte

Chlorophyll CBD latte

While this isn't coffee, this latte is a great alternative to get you excited about your morning! If you haven't heard the hype about chlorophyll check out this article linked above, it has all the reasons why I just like so many others LOVE adding it to our routine. Chlorophyll has a bunch of amazing benefits that when paired with CBD oil make for a fabulous drink!

5. CBD Cold Brew

CBD cold brew

This coffee was created for those of us who are in a rush and don't necessarily have time to make a fancy coffee in the morning. Typically the morning rush to work/school can be accompanied with a lot of stress, which makes this recipe a winner. Not only is it grab and go energy, it's also going to help soothe that anxious stress that many of us struggle with!

6. CBD Infused Coffee Pods

CBD infused coffee pod

Calling all Keurig lovers!!! These CBD coffee pods are exactly what you need. The satisfying sound of popping a pod into my keurig seriously gets me so excited to start my day. These are another easy way to get that “chill” cup of coffee we so desperately need in the morning.

7. Whipped CBD Coffee

whipped cbd coffee

Whipped coffee is all the rage right now, so why not add some CBD to jazz it up?! All you need is to whisk your favorite instant coffee mix, sweetener of choice, hot water, and CBD oil. Then plop that frothy deliciousness on top of your milk of choice and, voila, you've got whipped CBD coffee!

lifeoflaura cbd oil insta post

This CBD oil is essential for any and all CBD coffee recipes. It is made with MCT oil and full spectrum hemp extract. With 400mg it's easy to use and perfect to add into any coffee or tea. Check out the link above to get the best quality CBD oil out there.