Inside the CBD Business: How the Industry is Evolving

Apr 15, 2021Posted by: brian sorel

Inside the CBD Business: How the Industry is Evolving iCBD oils

The creation of the CBD industry that we all know today only began in the 1990s. In extracting CBD from the Cannabis sativa plant, its limitless benefits were discovered. CBD’s many therapeutic uses were discovered early on and once it was proved to not cause an altered mental state, it was not long until it became widely available in all 50 states and in many countries around the world. Some of the main reasons CBD has become so mainstream today include reduction of anxiety, relief of pain and calmed inflammation. As we see celebrities and educated people in the medical field willingly adopt the use of CBD the more mainstream it becomes. The timeline of CBD’s evolution in the world is moving rapidly and the iCBD brand plays a huge part in this. Our wide variety of product offerings and high-quality options make iCBD a staple in the CBD business. 

Where did CBD begin?

CBD, derived from the Cannabis sativa plant, contains less than 0.3 percent of THC. It comes mainly from hemp which does not have enough THC content to create the “high” effect that is commonly associated with marijuana. After the scientific discovery of CBD and uncovering that it could drastically help minimize the negative effects of epilepsy, more research was conducted to later conclude that CBD provided a massive list of benefits. The FDA has yet to release any regulations on safe, approved CBD products but the industrial growth of hemp boomed after 2018 when President Donald Trump passed The Farm Bill, allowing for the CBD business to rapidly expand. 

How did CBD become mainstream?

It is evident that CBD is dominating the public as it becomes so widely available. You can’t go into grocery or convenience stores without seeing some sort of CBD-related product on the shelves. We’ve seen CBD products endorsed by some of the largest celebrities, including Kristen Bell, Drake, Rob Gronkowski and Joe Rogan and even large media outlets such as Forbes, CNN and ABC have spoken on the benefits and positive effects of CBD. Younger, mainstream celebrities have a huge influence on their followers and the main demographic for CBD products is young adults. As more holistic and natural approaches are being adopted for everyday problems and similar products become introduced, it was only a matter of time before CBD stepped in and took over.


Medical professionals have recently discovered that CBD oil helps people struggling with depression and anxiety, manages pain, improves sleep, prevents and reduces acne, promotes focus, reduces high blood pressure, helps with muscle recovery after exercise and even calms anxious pets. The medical industry has become increasingly more progressive in regards to CBD in recent years especially since Cannabis itself has often been looked at in a negative light. With the holistic and calming benefits CBD provides without the mind-altering effects of marijuana, it continues to gain a positive reputation. The Don’t Be Sad CBD Oil from iCBD fully encompasses the benefits of CBD. The full-spectrum hemp extract allows you to experience all of the benefits mentioned earlier while fully enhancing physiologic effects. 

Where is the CBD industry headed next?

The CBD business is thriving and is estimated to grow by as much as 20 billion dollars as soon as 2024. As more consumers begin to make the switch from their typical pharmaceutical drugs to more natural CBD product offerings, it is beginning to become the more appealing option for many people. Already, 20 percent of people ranging in age from 18 to 29 regularly use CBD products. Young adults in this generation will be the responsible demographic for carrying mainstream CBD use into the next generation and generations to come.

The state of California, with Florida and New York sitting right behind it, is currently the most popular state for CBD business today. The state brought 730 million dollars in CBD-related sales in the year 2019 alone. Because of the legalization of marijuana and the trend-setting qualities of the state, California will be a huge factor in the growth of the CBD industry in the upcoming years. An increase in oils, gummies, lotions and more CBD related products will rely on the young adult audience. At iCBD, we conveniently have our own line of CBD gummies, oils, muscle-relief gel, lip balm, pet oil and vape pens to offer a wide variety of options for customers to choose from. 

iCBD knows that the CBD business is taking over, and we want to provide the best and most efficient products to our customers. This brand is trusted, does the necessary research and only promotes the best to our audience. The iCBD brand is just getting started and we are striving to become a staple on the timeline of CBD evolution.